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Founded in , Carleton College is a small, private liberal arts college in the historic river town of Northfield, Minnesota. Best known for its academic excellence and warm, welcoming campus community, Carleton offers 32 majors in Your next great diversity job awaits you Enter any job title, skill, company Enter city, state or zip.

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Have a Question? Contact Us. Email: sales diversity. We compete only with ourselves and we strive to become better at what we do. This is our true purpose! Educate property owners pursuing new developments and home renovations about the benefits of using low or non-toxic materials such as low-VOC volatile organic compound paint and carpet, and other strategies to improve indoor air quality. Create healthy building material checklists and fact sheets that can be provided to property owners and contractors when applying for building permits.

Encourage new development to incorporate project design features and guidance for building orientation to create areas for community interaction, maximize solar access, provide passive solar heating during cool seasons, and minimize heat gains during hot periods. Partner with EnergyFit Nevada and the Asthma Coalition to promote education on asthma, allergy and other breathing disorder triggers caused by pollutants in homes. Develop and distribute spatial health analysis maps to stakeholders of Southern Nevada to initiate conversations about community health and the built environment.

Protect community members from the harmful effects of pollution and hazardous materials, hazardous waste, and environmental contamination. Reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides on public properties that negatively impact human health, especially in parks and publicly accessible open spaces.

Avoid locating new schools, childcare centers and senior housing in proximity to sources of pollution e. Develop area-wide plans and specific implementation strategies for integrating the cleanup and reuse of brownfield and grayfield sites into neighborhood revitalization efforts. Provide incentives for private sector cooperation to reduce the creation of hazardous wastes, the cleanup of brownfield sites, and the return of land to productive uses.

Establish appropriate measures for long-term environmental protection of previous brownfield sites. Promote sustainability in housing in the region to ensure a durable housing supply that will reduce housing costs for homeowners and renters. Promote and incentivize quality housing design that meets the needs of its users, enhances the neighborhood, and is built to last. Promote the rehabilitation of existing residential and commercial properties and energy efficiency standards to reduce the negative impacts of new development. Promote energy efficiency audits as a real estate industry standard and develop an associated financing mechanism for the purchase of homes meeting a designated standard.

Develop incentive programs to identify inefficient housing stock and to retrofit older residential housing to achieve energy efficiency standards. Expand existing programs that assist in the production of Energy Star and LEED homes, such as those built by Habitat for Humanity for affordable housing.

Educate homebuilders, renters and homebuyers of the importance of shade near and around homes for additional energy conservation in the summer. Collaborate with subject matter experts and advocacy groups to foster sustainable communities and exhibit leadership in sustainable practices.

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Minimize air pollutant emissions from stationary sources to reduce emissions and improve air quality to meet or exceed national ambient air quality standards and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Encourage adoption of ordinance or other code changes to promote the use of Air Quality Impact Analyses for certain types and sizes of land developments, including industrial developments. Encourage adoption of ordinance or other code to limit the use of solvents and aerosol sprays for painting and dry cleaning.

Support and expand programs that incentivize electric-powered lawn equipment instead of mowers with gasoline motors. Promote natural spaces, particularly native trees, which are proven to counter poor air quality by absorbing greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Support transit and land-use improvements and amenities that make walking and biking short distances viable, to further reduce carbon emissions.

Support compact development and regulations that help the Southern Nevada Water Authority achieve water conservation goals and encourage reduction in water consumption. Support a variety of regulations by local governments to promote efficient use of water resources e. Continue to encourage the use of incentives to manage and reduce overall water use e.

Continue and expand education and outreach programs to improve water efficiency e. Consider local government adoption of ordinance or other code restricting water usage during peak usage times of day and year to enhance enforcement efforts. Encourage all new golf courses to use recycled water and submit drought-tolerant landscape and irrigation plans. Increase water quality and decrease wastewater and dry weather urban runoff while encouraging recycled water reuse strategies.

Support the Clark County Flood Control District's Stormwater Quality Management Committee's adopted Stormwater Management Plan to promote site design standards in large parking lots, such as depressed medians, buffer strips, porous paving and minimized parking standards. For example, consider requiring commercial car washes to recycle water on-site or send it to a wastewater treatment facility, where it can be cleaned and returned to the water cycle. Promote sustainable water practices among businesses, such as dry cleaners, gas stations, hotels and other similar uses.

Fundamentals of Residential Property Management

Establish a regional Property Assessed Clean Energy C-PACE program to assist commercial, industrial and multi-family property owners' access to affordable, long-term financing for smart energy upgrades to their buildings. Incentivize the construction of electric vehicle charging stations in local government zoning codes by offering parking reductions and other zoning-related incentives. Expand incentive programs to include retrofits for existing commercial and residential structures for both energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Develop shared renewable energy and energy-efficient models for higher density neighborhoods and public spaces, such as solar charging stations and NetZero cooling stations. Implement a green energy program that allows customers, both commercial and residential, to opt into purchasing clean energy from the local utility providers. Incentivize solar thermal on existing residential buildings measured by existing goals established by Southwest Gas for solar thermal installations.

Promote the adoption of legislation to allow small distributed generation sale of power and point-of-sale regulations to allow homeowners the ability to sell power back to their respective service company. Develop guidelines for the preservation of view corridors, and protection and restoration of natural resources. Coordinate conservation and development of natural resources by establishing a regional entity that represents the views of the federal, state, and local agencies involved in these efforts, including private and non-profit agencies.

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