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We tried this with several words, and it was dreadful; we doubt anyone would be able to pronounce a word correctly using this feature.

Total Number of words made out of Freebie = 37

You can silence the feature, by the way. The program supports multiple disk formats, including the new high-density Blu-ray disks.

Individual files can be deleted and sent to the Windows trash can, or the entire disk can be erased and you can start over. You can also rename files. A verification function checks to make sure that information written to disk is the same as the file that was sent to disk. A simple program and not expensive. More info at www.

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You can store single shots or make slideshows and burn them to a CD, which can be viewed on a regular TV. The album is a covered case that holds 20 CDs.

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It comes with adhesive disk labels that can be fed through an inkjet or laser printer and a frame that ensures the labels will be correctly centered when applied to the disks. Nothing earth-shaking here, but we thought it was a nice kit for the money. At www.

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I remember seeing "Freebee" used to describe users of a freebie site. I'm not sure if it has any broader usage though. Dec 21 '12 at Related: english. Looks like not just the OP but even seasoned answerers failed to check the existing post.

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I'd say this is a clear 'duplicate' of not 'related'. OP may check out the cited post and clarify if it serves the purpose, and if not, why. Yes, it's a definite duplicate- for some reason I didn't realise the existence of that thread.

All these terms carry somewhat negative overtones. Hugo Hugo That's the word that always comes to my mind. I understand Scrooge as a miser, but not a moocher. The message of the story would be weaker if he were a parasite. Today I wanted to share my process for creating these freebies for my audience and how you can create the same for yours!

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Remember: if your freebie is supposed to be an extension of a blog post, make sure it is something that they can actually use to get results. Before you get ready to design, mock up a sample of your freebie on paper and go ahead and type up your text in Word or a Google Document. A few common options are:. Open up Microsoft Publisher and decide whether you want a horizontal or vertical blank document. While designing your worksheets, remember to always keep your brand in mind.

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Meaning, use the same or similar colors that are on your website and also the same fonts. Publisher works in text boxes unlike in Microsoft Word where you can type anywhere.

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Simply click on the Draw Text Box button and drag the box to your desired length.