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While my cat largely ignored the Scooba, your mileage may vary. Here's a video showing the robot in action:.

iRobot scooba 450 floor cleaner

Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Dylan Love. They are probably selling refurbished irobot passing off as brand new set. One of my friend who dealt with them a few months ago informed me that they have old charger, that's why they cannot sell them in Singapore.

But they claim in the website it is brand new set.

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But a lot of would-be buyers out there would not be able to smell a rat, even if it was staring them in the eye. Wow that's a good assumption from you Hope everyone thinks like you haha. Is there a way to tell the brand new from the remafacutured? On the box or unit itself? Update: ok, after some googling, i found the differences Last edited by stonesix; at PM.. The serial number can differentiate it from new or remanufactured.

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People will go through all expense just to outsmart you. If you know the product, you can easily differentiate with one look. The faceplate is also another indication if you know how to tell. Hi all, I just received my Roomba , got my in-law to help me bring in it from the states. Got a few questions after the first run: 1 The robot only managed to clean for around 1hour before it had to go back and charge, that only took care of half my living room and kitchen.

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My place is not big, only m2, the robot kept cleaning the same places.. Is there anything I should do to get it to move to other places in my house before it needs to recharge? I thought about using the virtual walls but need to shift it on daily basis if I were to use them.

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Thinking if there is a more convenient way.. Are there any recommended ways to bump proof the robot? Thanks in advance to experts! I am pointing out one glaring fact that in the website, autovacstore stated that they do not supply charger for use in Singapore. I mean what the heck, it is like you are selling a new handphone and not giving the charger to the buyer???

Why the heck does a seller even do that?

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Don't you smell something fishy here? Unsuspecting buyers will not be able to tell the difference. Best of all, Autovacstore is not even here to defend himself. I just want to do my part and point this out in case some forum readers wanted to buy from them, and hope they will think twice now. Lost your password?

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