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I really can't remember it was so long ago but I'm willing to try out some of these and see what happens. No I'm in the UK but Swagbucks operates in many parts of the world. Last edited: May 8, Hi Just an FYI, now that Amazon had changed their policies on reviews for discounts, all of the above sites are now more of a promo code basis. Reviewers can no longer get free products for review off the sites such as Vipon, but you have roughly discount codes a month to use. Currently all of the products are listed as immediate discounts, with an accompanying link to Amazon.

If you decide to leave a review anyhow, it will help boost up your reviewing score. There are so many more out there, if you happen to find any other cool ones be sure to come back and let me know! Thanks so much for the tips.

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Seriously though great post with great info. Thank you thank you!!!! Thanks for all the links. Thanks for sharing this great article resources with great resources. I could be this easy. Just signed up to receive your updates. Found her article on Pinterest! These are great tips. I was literally just reading the reviews of some product on target and kept seeing the disclaimer and was wondering how the heck people find those opportunities.

Thanks for sharing this great info! So excited to sign up for some of these! Very interesting post never knew of this type of thing before will definitely check it out,thanks for sharing. Do you have to pay for shipping on the products you review?

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  7. Never knew about this, thanks for the info! Every once in a while though I get a product that is not Prime eligible and its usually from amz review trader. They do have the option to report an issue and I usually let them know that the seller did not disclose shipping cost and they take care of it from there. Now I know the real story.

    I got a free tube of diaper rash cream for my son to try, and recently tried a stretch mark cream for them as well. You have to be invited to review but you could express your interest. I would love to review products for Weespring.

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    I belong to one other review site and since I am retired I have time to write up honest and unbiased reviews in exchange for products. I believe in honest opinions about the product and willing to contact admin if there is a problem with a product. Been a member of Prime for about a year. I would appreciate you adding me to your list….

    I would like to review products. Am new to the computer and doing this sort of thing. Would appreciate the opportunity to give it a go. Thank you. Hi Ashley, This may seem like an odd question, but do you know how many of these sites are available for Canadians? I know Amazon does and this was the perfect article that I needed to help me get started.

    So I thank you for this fantastic article! Do you ever get spam sent to your email? I love this and had never heard of it, however having my email public on my Amazon account for everyone to see makes me nervous… Thanks! This is great! It keeps telling me to try another one. Any suggestions? Only have 1 email address.

    Or, fantastic discounts that would help you get the stuff at fantastic, low rates. Amazon has several million products on the website. If the company were to stock every product, it would need a colossal warehouse and countless staff. Given this scenario, what does Amazon do?

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    Amazon allows smaller manufacturers and retailers to use its website to sell their products. And each seller competes with one-another to get to the top of Amazon rankings. Now Amazon has one rule: only customers can review a product. Once you decide to buy something on Amazon, you approach a Product review website.

    Inform this website about which product you wish to try and review. And once it arrives, try the product within a specific test period. Or you can keep the stuff since you got it at very low price. Amazon follows strict standards for reviews. Hence, spend some time reading tutorials on how to write acceptable and helpful reviews for Amazon.

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    If Amazon rejects your reviews, you would lose membership of Amazon review sites and miss opportunities to get really cheap stuff. And several rejections on Amazon can ban you from writing reviews in future. These websites will give you a discount coupon or code for buying stuff on Amazon. You can save up to 90 percent of the tag price by writing reviews. You can get up to 90 percent discounts on various products on JumpSend. You can review several products after registering with JumpSend. AmzRC offers review services to Amazon sellers at fairly low rates.

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    Hence, you can get some of the best deals on this website. Registration is necessary to get these deals that are sometimes as high as 90 percent on tag price. Vipon is yet another superb place to review products from Amazon sellers by buying at discounts. Snagshout will give you a discount code or coupon upon registering.