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Here we can list all the classes that a teacher is teaching. Classes portal for teachers. So we can assign a student to a class and see the classes the student is taking. Classes Portal for Students.

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We could also add students to a class. Students Portal for Classes. Let's find a way to add new parents to the Parents table from the Students table. Adding New Parents from the Student Layout. Debugging our script. Preventing duplicate Parents. Create New Parent anyway. Navigating between students and Parents.

It's nice to be able to select one parent as the main contact. Chosing a primary parent. We can organize our classes list by grouping the classes together by day. Sub Summary list of classes.

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We will take attendance in a separate table because of it's relationship to time. Attendance table. We might only want to see classes that are actually happening today in our dropdown.

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Conditional Classes Value List. Let's get our students related to our attendance. Attendance Details. We might want to take attendance with an iPad and then buttons are always handier. Status Buttons.

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We don't want to do this manually, let's make a script. Add students to an Attendance. There are still things that can go wrong. So let's prevent that from happening.

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Additional checks in our script. There are too many buttons. Let's see what options we have to get rid of them. Hide unwanted buttons. Summary Totals. An overview of all the classes with the totals of the student statuses. Attendance List with Sub Summaries. So we can get the Attendance details for a specific student.

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Attendance on the Student Layout. Show Today's Attedance. We should be flexible in the dates we are able to search for. Find Attendance for another Date. We can go even further into our found set to see only students of a certain status. Refine your find by Status.

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Let's try out some dynamic sorting. Evacuation List. Let's figure out a way to find all the students who are present right now. Evacuation List Script. Change the found set of a list. We can create a ranking of students that are most often sick, late or absent. Absence ranking - Sub Summary Sort. Don't miss this nice saving weekend. Take advantage for big saving.

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